Cat Certified Used Equipment

At M.Ezzat Jallad & Fils S.A.L , we redefine excellence with our exclusive offering of Cat® Certified Used Equipment. 

Our commitment to providing unparalleled quality and reliability extends to our range of used Cat® machines, which are held to the same high standards as new Cat® product family.

Here's what you can expect from our Cat Certified Used experience:

  1. Better Lifecycle Value: Each used Cat product undergoes meticulous inspections, regular maintenance, and thorough servicing. This proactive approach not only ensures the machine's reliability but also translates into lower costs for repairs and fuel, maximizing your investment over its entire lifecycle.
  2. Exceptional Support: When you choose a used Cat machine from our inventory, you receive the same level of support as those purchasing new machines. Our team is dedicated to providing advice and assistance, ensuring your satisfaction and success throughout the ownership experience.
  3. Higher Resale Value: Caterpillar's commitment to building reliability into every machine pays off in the long run. As our certified used equipment retains its value over time, you can expect a higher resale value when the time comes to upgrade or replace. The ability to incorporate new parts into older equipment further enhances their resale value.

At M.Ezzat Jallad & Fils S.A.L Company, our Cat Certified Used Equipment represents not just a purchase but a strategic investment. Explore the exceptional quality, reliability, and support that come with our certified used machines and elevate your equipment acquisition experience.